10 Business Building Lessons – From My Dad’s Legacy

My knowledge on property construction and management comes from my late father (Elimon Tagwireyi Mapuranga) who was a handyman, an architect and construction manager. My father had not been to university but he single handedly built most of the classrooms and dormitories at the school that his own children attended High School. Of his twenty

The Art of John Brady – An Irish Artist Producing Abstract and Landscape Art

The first 25 years of John Brady’s contribution to the art world was in the capacity of a Graphic Designer. In the early days of computers, as an Apple/Mac technology enthusiast, John, designed anything creative that came his way: marketing pieces for local businesses, corporate identity branding, logo designs– he was even commissioned to design

Bring Home the Joy of Illumination With Kichler Lighting

A house, even with an excellent decor, is considered incomplete without a proper lighting system. Whether naturally or artificially lit, a well lit house creates an ambiance conducive to happiness and peace. A well designed house, with huge windows strategically placed, provides ample natural light. But, it is the quest for the right indoor lighting